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Life in the seas of North West Scotland


 Here is just a sample of the wildlife that can be seen in the waters around Wester Ross!
 What can be seen, and when to see them - (Note: The list is roughly in order of regularity, ie: the Common Dolphin is the most likely to be seen....However this can alter on a year to year).

Common Dolphin  

Basking Shark (June - Oct)

Harbour Porpoise

Minke Whale (May - Nov)

Humpback Whale

Orca (Yes....Killer Whale!)

It is as well pointing out that NONE of these are absolutely guaranteed! Other unusual West Coast sightings have included Walrus, Bearded Seal, Leatherback Turtle, Green Turtle, Cuvier’s Beaked Whale & Sperm Whale.


         Whale Pod                          Common Seals                       Minke Whale

So, where best to see these? Well, the best place for you to be if you are really going to search for these is on a boat - although from some of the coastal roads it is sometimes possible to see Porpoises, an occasional Minke Whale or even Orca!
Luckily, there are plenty of operators in the area that can take you out on trips into the Minch to have a look. 

What MIGHT you see? Watch the video below!



Common Seal Pup (Gairloch Marine Wildlife Centre  & Cruises)

Click on the Links below to see the choices available - 

The "Glass Bottom Boat" (Gairloch) - www.seawildlife.co.uk
Hebridean Whale Watching Cruises (Gairloch) - www.hebridean-whale-cruises.co.uk
Gairloch Marine Wildlife Centre and Cruises (Gairloch) - www.porpoise-gairloch.co.uk

Torridon Sea Tours (Shieldaig): www.torridonseatours.com

Summer Queen (Ullapool) - www.summerqueen.co.uk
Seascape Expeditions (Ullapool) - www.sea-scape.co.uk

They all allow you to go out into the waters around here and look for wildlife of all sorts - this includes whales, dolphins, seals & birdlife as well. The trips can last from a relatively short trip around the loch to (in the case of one of the options) a full 3 hour journey ona high speed "rib" out to the Shiant Islands, which are home to huge collections of seabirds - some estimates are as high as 250,000!


        Razorbill                                     Puffin                                    Gannets


Celtic Fringe Tourism Association, C/O Douglas Gibson, 13 Strath, Gairloch, Wester Ross IV21 2BX