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Who are we?

"We" are "Wild about Wester Ross"

Discover the Wild side of Wester Ross


The BEST of wild nature and life at the heart of Scotland's largest National Scenic Area.......Wester Ross, in the North West Highlands of Scotland

 From the beautiful dragonflies flitting around our woodland areas, to the mighty whales seen offshore, Wester Ross has something for everybody - whether flying, walking, or swimming!

The best way to find all of this is to simply keep your eyes open, as contary to popular opnion, the skies are NOT actually dark with eagles, and the forests don't deafen you with cries of squirrels and Pine Marten. But there are some real rarities to be found nevertheless. Loch Maree, for instance, has the astonishgly beautiful Black Throated Diver (seen above), and on the waters around the coast you can see hosts of Puffins, Skuas, Guillemots and Gannets - and cetaceans such as Porpoise, Dolphin, and several types of whale that include the famed "Orca"..often referred to as a Killer Whale.

Gain some height, and you are into our wild mountain and moorland scenery. This is not only populated by Red Deer, but also by soaring eagles and Ptarmigan - such a difficult bird to see sometimes, no matter whether it is in its winter or summer plumage.

To see many of these, the rule of thumb is to walk slowly, wear clothing that is a suitable colour for the surroundings, and which doesn't rustle! And look around you, taking your time. Many visitors find themselves staring at an empty patch of ground only to find that (perhaps after several minutes have gone by) there's an entire herd of deer watching them!

Take care, enjoy your time here, and soak up the eclectic mix of wildlife, coastal and lochside vistas, small villages....and of course the ever present mountain scenery that so typifies this beautiful area.


Celtic Fringe Tourism Association, C/O Douglas Gibson, 13 Strath, Gairloch, Wester Ross IV21 2BX